By Cedric Demers, Nicholas Di Giovanni
TVs have evolved over the years, and different technologies have come and gone. The TV market in the 21st century has been defined by large technological advancements. While Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) and rear-projection TVs were popular in 2000, they were soon overtaken by plasma as the most popular TV technology, using the hang tv from ceiling its the best way to use any of this.
However, not long after, plasma suffered the same fate as its long-forgotten counterparts. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs have held the market share of sales since 2007, and companies stopped manufacturing plasmas altogether by 2014.

However, you’re probably wondering what the differences between LCD and plasma TVs are and why LCDs have taken over the TV market. This article explains the difference between plasma, LCD, and LED TVs.

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